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Women: Taking Control of the Situation by Andrew Kranich

With our society growing increasingly treacherous, the need for female self-defense practice is more vital than ever. Ill-willed predators do not discriminate against a woman walking alone or a mother with children. There is no room for remorse for any physical, emotional or mental scarring when they are focused on theft, sexual proposals, injury or death.

More and more families are being watched and attacked in public parking lots, shopping centers and dark driveways. Items like pepper spray and safety whistles are good to keep in your purses and pockets, but women everywhere are learning what it means to take control of the situation:

Situational Awareness

  • Awareness of your surroundings is the absolute best self-defense tool. Eye Contact – look AT, not away from, suspicious characters. No fear, no anger, just awareness.

  • Where should you be extra vigilant? Parking lots and structures and other places that provide hiding spots for attackers. Pockets of isolation in urban/suburban areas (alleys, etc.).

  • How to be extra vigilant – avoid distractions such as cell phones and demanding children while in these areas and situations.

Grip Release Concepts

  • Soften them up first (sharp kick, slap or strike)

  • Attack the weak point, where thumb and fingers come together.

  • “Snake” your way free

Upper and Lower Body Striking Fundamentals

  • Goal is to create separation and escape.

  • Overview of Adrenal Response and it's impacts

  • Best targets

  • Best Weapons

Grabs from Behind

  • Rule #1 – ALWAYS step/push back into your attacker.

  • If the grab is unilateral (i.e., single sided grab), squat, step back a little and look back over your shoulder.

  • If grab is bilateral (i.e., two handed), squat/drop your hips and slide back into your attacker.

Classes are designed to mirror real life predatory situations. Students come dressed in regular clothing- hoodies, traditional leg wear, and day to day footwear in order to simulate an unexpected attack.

Women leave self-defense training with the proper confidence and training to fully explore the world, meet new people and stand self-assuredly when protecting themselves and their family.

Learn more about self defense classes at PRO Martial Arts

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~ Chief Instructor Andrew Kranich at PRO Martial Arts has been training and teaching in the Martial Arts world for over 10 years and is a Second Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. He is ranked nationally through the AAU organization, as well as through the Kukkiwon Headquarters in Korea. Instructor Kranich has also trained in other disciplines as well, including Haganah, Krav Maga, Qigong Kung Fu, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, and Baguazhang


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