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Emma Reichert is the Designer, Artist and Creative Owner of 

Lafayette PaperieER2 

Etre Girls Who Do You Want to Be? By Illana Raia


Congratulations to Emma Reichert and her goddaughters, Diana + Natalie! 

Thanks to Emma, these two special ladies will receive an autographed copy of Être: Girls, Who Do You Want to Be?  by Illana Raia + awesome Être SWAG!

Être means "to be." And girls, middle school is not too young to ask yourself this all-important question: Who do YOU want to be? Think of this book as a smart big sister in your backpack, encouraging you to stick with what you love and helping you springboard your authentic interests into more.


Être is a bold, full color magazine-style collection of articles breaking down big ideas like financial confidence, mentorship, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship for today's motivated girls. Organized by topic (#BeSmart, #BeWi$e, #BeInnovative), and featuring Insta-inspired graphics, Être offers wise words to world-changing girls . . . at exactly the right time.

Get ready for empowering quotes and interviews from luminary women alongside input from inspiring girls across the country.


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