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Thank You to Our Healthcare Workers Yard Signs by Jen Laurita

Thank You to Our Healthcare Workers Yard Signs, Bergen County Moms

If you're wondering where you can get these yard signs to support our healthcare workers, we have all the information for you to contact Jen Laurita.

Jen started this movement out of gratitude for healthcare workers (her sister is a nurse in our area) and will be organizing this wonderful act of kindness and support in our area.

The signs are $20 and 100% of the profit is going to support local nurses and hospital staff with whatever they need.  Sometimes they are buying supplies, food, or whatever they can do to make the lives of nurses easier!

If you are interested in purchasing a sign for your yard, or want to make a donation, please follow these instructions to contact Jen and feel free to pass on!

  • People can email me at for a sign

  • Send me your address and we will place the sign on your lawn (or leave on your porch)

  • Please only pay AFTER the sign is placed

  • I accept Venmo/Paypal/Chase quick pay - I really don't prefer to take payment in person or handle cash/checks, but will if it's the only way.  My venmo is

  • The signs cost me $10, we are asking $20 - the additional money, 100% of it, is going to support local nurses and hospital staff with whatever they need

  • If anyone wants to just buy a sign for $10, I'm totally OK with that.  If anyone wants to make larger donations, I'm also OK with that.  Does not matter to me.  I started this just out of gratitude for healthcare workers. 

  • Yes, you can order multiples, I've had some people order more than 5 at a time  


A personal note from Jen Laurita:

Thank you for supporting this!  In one last note of positivity, the printer is a man from Ramsey who literally had to let his entire staff go.  He is grateful for the work.  I told him I will take no discount on the signs for the volume, he gets $10/sign for every sign, whether we order 10 or 110.  His name is Chris Papson, his business is Redi Print.  I am 100% ok with anyone who wants to contact him directly and do business directly with him, there's no need to ask me.  Use our design, I don't care.  Make your own fundraisers, cut me out entirely, totally fine with me.  I'm so so happy to help whoever I can however I can.  


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