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Imagine a Place by Fern Weis

Imagine a place... where building character is a way of life and not just a buzzword, where who you are (and are becoming) is more important than test scores.

Imagine a school... where every student participates in athletics and performing arts, because it's about stretching yourself and taking risks, and not just about talent, wins and losses.

Imagine an environment... of family-based leadership development, where students and parents are mentored to be their best, so they can inspire and support each other and do great things in the world.

This is Hyde School, where students are prepared for success in all aspects of life, and parents are on the journey, too.

As an alumni parent, I return to Hyde every year to help facilitate family programs and seminars. This past weekend was Fall Family Weekend, and I was privileged to participate again. Parents and students gather in small Discovery Groups to set a vision for themselves and their family, and to work through the unproductive beliefs and attitudes that get in the way of that vision.

This is a place where people unearth the truth about where they struggle and what they're feeling, identify what they value most, and work together to create change based on those shared values. It is hard work, and inspiring work. It is work that changes lives. Would you like your home to be this place, too?

This isn't a sales pitch for Hyde (although I believe it can be a game changer for anyone). I tell you about this school because it changed my life and influences my work with parents and families. There are famlies who choose Hyde for the leadership challenge, and others because they are out of options for their children. We were one of the out-of-options families. By the time we dropped our son off at Hyde, it was very clear that things needed to change at home, too. The school would work with him. We needed to work on ourselves, and start paying attention to our daughter, who was often fending for herself during those difficult years.

I've said it to you in many ways: Love and good intentions are not enough. Nothing changes until YOU do, because you are your child's most important teacher. He learns from what you say and don't say, from what you do and don't do. He learns from the attitudes and beliefs you hold about yourself and life. You have no idea how much he has absorbed and accepted as truth about how the world works and how he fits into it. Some of it is not serving him well.

Weekends at Hyde always inspire me to give back even more. If you are unhappy with your child's attitudes and behaviors, or how you react and respond to them, here is an offer you'll want to grab right now, no strings attached.

I am making eight (8) Complimentary Parent Breakthrough Sessions available during the month of November.

When you engage in a Breakthrough Session, we'll delve into the messages you are sending. Which ones are productive, which ones are not? How are they influencing your child's attitudes and behaviors? What can you do to change this picture?

I know and understand the frustrations of parents. I've been there, and then some. My mission is to help you make 'there' a better place. And if you're in 'and then some', I will help you with next steps and additional resources and referrals.

Be well, be strong, be a confident parent!


Complimentary Parent Breakthrough Session Valid November 17 - December 12, 2014

Deadline to Apply: November 14, 2014

Send email to

Or click here for website

~Fern Weis, Certified Coach and Middle School Teacher, helps parents break down the walls their teens put up, so they can have a great relationship and better prepare their kids for success in college and beyond. Learn how Fern can help you with your parenting concerns through coaching, classes and workshops at Your Family Matters.


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