Winter Water Balloons by The Nature Place

What if you made a water balloon and put it outside on a very cold evening? The next morning you just might have a winter ice balloon!

And if you put food coloring into the water before you tie the balloon and freeze it you would have a colored winter ice balloon!

And finally, if you cut the balloon away you would have a colored ball of ice!

Now that you have a colored ball of ice, you can do many things:

  • Gather all in a sunny spot and guess which will be the first to melt.

  • Make a pyramid with them.

  • Make a variety of colors or many balls of one color.

  • When we get snow again (we will), use the ball as the beginning of a snowball, rolling your colored ice ball to accumulate more snow. You'll be able to tell when the big white snowball begins to melt as you catch glimpses of color.

  • Place them artistically outside in unusual places, high and low, so that others may be surprised and pleased.

  • A round, brightly colored head for a snowman.

If you have a freezer with enough room it can substitute for winter's freezing overnights at any time of year.

Good luck!

~ A special THANK YOU to The Nature Place Day Camp for sharing this great activity!


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