Where Gluten Hides by Amara Wagner, Integrative Health Coach

If you’re doing a gluten free cleanse, or have discovered that you are gluten intolerant, you’ll want to be aware of hidden gluten. Here are some tips but most importantly is to always check all ingredients. If you’re at a restaurant, be sure to let them know that you are highly allergic to gluten.


  • Wheat

  • Barley

  • Rye

  • Bulger

  • Brewers yeast

  • Faro/spelt

  • Kamut

  • Malt (or malted anything)

  • Matzo

  • Seitan

  • Cous cous

  • Orzo

  • Panko


  • Beer (there ARE gluten free beers)

  • Broth, bullion or soup base (especially cream based or thick soups)

  • Sausages and deli meats

  • Gravy

  • Udon and Soba noodles (100% buckwheat soba is fine)

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Potato chips (may have malt vinegar or wheat starch)

  • Soy sauce (a certified gluten free tamari is a great alternative)

  • Vegetarian sausages

  • Veggie burgers

  • Imitation bacon

  • Imitation crabmeat

  • Cheesecake

  • Jelly-type candies

  • Milk alternatives (rice, almond, soy)

  • Miso

  • MSG


  • Omlettes (make sure that they are made with fresh eggs, no egg substitutes or pre-mixed egg batter which sometimes has wheat to thicken)

  • French fries (oven have a wheat coating to make them crispy

  • Stir fry dishes cooked with soy sauce (ask for steamed, no sauce and bring your own gf tamari

  • Marinated meats and fish

  • Teriyaki anything

  • Meatloaf, meatballs and even burgers (ask if they use breadcrumbs or crackers in the mix

  • Tuna fish salad (often crackers are added)

  • Vegan meats (often have wheat gluten)


  • Beware of anything that is: “fried”, “coated”. “crispy”, or “crusted.

  • Ask that your vegetables be steamed in fresh water (that was not used for pasta or anything else)

  • It is best to avoid soups if you don’t know every ingredient in them

  • Ask what is the thickening agent for a sauce or gravy

  • Ask if they have a gluten free menu (many restaurants have a separate menu they can provide with all gluten-free options)

  • Don’t be afraid to ask to see the actual packaging that something came in.

  • Take time to checkout the menu beforehand

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Amara Wagner is a speaker and mentor who empowers moms to trust their intuition and guides them, with practical tools, to raise naturally healthy families. Her private and group coaching programs help women navigate motherhood mindfully and with a sense of humor, without dogma. Amara provides a unique, down-to-earth approach to moms who want to feel confident using whole foods and ancient remedies to support their family's health. She specializes in helping holistic-minded mamas parent from an intuitive place, without sacrificing their own health. To learn more about Amara and her programs please visit www.amarawellness.com

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