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Tutor Doctor Offers Private, Personalized Tutoring + Test Prep in the Comfort of Your Home

Updated: Aug 22

College Prep is About Much More Than Test Prep by Jessica Bush, Bergen County Moms

Is your college-bound high school student ready? Are you?

If you are a parent who is navigating the college preparation or application process for the first time – or there are areas where you know your child needs to improve – we can help.

In addition to tutoring and test prep, we offer advice and counsel for parents on everything from when to meet with guidance counselors to start the conversation to the importance of students learning to self-advocate and reach out to their teachers independently.

Remember – you do not have to go it alone!


5 Out of 5 Stars (43 Google Reviews)


$250 Value

A FREE College Planning Consultation , FREE SAT/ACT Practice Test,

+ Score Analysis Review After Practice Test!

*Expires March 1, 2022

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Is your college-bound high school student ready? Are you? As schools reassess their admissions criteria, your college-bound high school student must focus on more than their GPA and standardized test scores.

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Meet Jessica Bush

For Jessica, “making learning personal” is not just a slogan – it’s the foundation on which she has built Tutor Doctor North Jersey and Rockland. For the past 10 years, her instinct for uncovering the unique needs and desires of students and their families – and her passion for helping them achieve their dreams – have been the hallmarks of her tutoring practice.

Jessica understands that learning is often about more than just mastering academics. Whether it’s test anxiety, executive function, or school avoidance, her expertise lies in helping families address even the most complex learning challenges holistically. Families can count on her not only to connect the right tutor with the right student, but to build a support team with a shared commitment to seeing each student succeed – in school and in life.

Tutor Doctor North Jersey, Rockland, Bergen County Moms

Connect with Jessica at (201) 492-1888 or visit

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