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6 Benefits of Personalized Private Tutoring by Jessica Bush

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

6 Benefits of Personalized Private Tutoring by Jessica Bush, Bergen County Moms

What makes personalized, private tutoring different from group instruction? Here are 6 benefits to working one-on-one with a tutor.

1. Customized to suit your student’s learning needs and style.

Every student is different, and learns in their own unique way. Private tutors are able to quickly identify and adapt to your child’s individual learning style, needs, and capabilities. Unlike the more rigid curriculum of a group learning center, private tutors tailor their sessions and teaching style to suit your child’s pace and specific goals, taking into account their strengths and addressing areas of weakness.

2. Provides a distraction-free study space.

The classroom environment is full of distractions. Living in the age of technology and instant access to huge amounts of information, it’s easier now more than ever for your child to be sidetracked in school. One-on-one tutoring, whether at home or online, removes everyday distractions – like phones, gadgets, and other students – and allows the time and space for your child to fully concentrate.

6 Benefits of Personalized Private Tutoring by Jessica Bush, Bergen County Moms

3. Builds confidence and self-esteem.

Confidence is an extremely important factor when learning any new subject. But even the brightest students struggle with insecurities and doubt at some point in their academic careers. Private tutors can not only fill in knowledge gaps but also boost skills and grades, which helps students feel more confident and has a positive impact on their self-esteem. One-on-one engagement with a tutor also creates a safe space for self-expression, where your child can feel comfortable talking about what they’re struggling with, or excelling in – something they may not feel confident doing in class.

4. Closes learning gaps and prevents learning loss.

Schools and teachers are under constant pressure to get through the national curriculum in a limited amount of time. Often, new concepts and theories are rushed through so quickly that students have difficulty grasping them. This may hold them back from understanding more advanced concepts. Private tutoring allows your child to go through the material according to their capacity for learning. Tutors have the unique ability to go back and revisit previous topics, closing gaps in a student’s learning. Private tutoring is also effective in preventing learning loss that takes place over the summer break. Even just 1-2 hours of tutoring a week is enough to keep your child’s brain engaged so they can hit the ground running in September.

5. Teaches executive functioning skills.

Executive functioning skills play an integral part in goal setting, organization, and time management. These skills are not always taught in school, and learning centers tend to focus more on academic curriculum than on life skills. Tutors can act as executive functioning coaches by teaching students how to implement strategies that will enhance their abilities and make them more productive. To learn more about executive functioning, check out our recent BCM article.

6. Encourages enthusiasm and motivation.

Tutor Doctor’s carefully selected private tutors are passionate about the subjects they teach. Your student may develop an interest and fascination for a subject because they are working with someone who can illustrate the practical and advanced uses of a concept. Private tutors can laser focus only in areas where the student needs attention. And as your child’s skills evolve, their motivation to read and study will grow – along with a love of learning that may last a lifetime.


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Meet Jessica Bush

For Jessica, “making learning personal” is not just a slogan – it’s the foundation on which she has built Tutor Doctor North Jersey and Rockland. For the past 10 years, her instinct for uncovering the unique needs and desires of students and their families – and her passion for helping them achieve their dreams – have been the hallmarks of her tutoring practice.

Jessica understands that learning is often about more than just mastering academics. Whether it’s test anxiety, executive function, or school avoidance, her expertise lies in helping families address even the most complex learning challenges holistically. Families can count on her not only to connect the right tutor with the right student, but to build a support team with a shared commitment to seeing each student succeed – in school and in life.

Tutor Doctor North Jersey, Rockland, Bergen County Moms

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