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True Self Care Isn't What You Think by Amara Wagner, Integrative Health Coach

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

True Self Care Isn't What You Think by Amara Wagner, Integrative Health Coach, Ridgewood Moms

Lately I've been asking this question on social media: What are you willing to DO in the name of health?

Do you exercise regularly?

Spend the extra money for organic chicken?

Make sure you have a salad for lunch?

Have a cabinet full of supplements?

Spend hours researching your child's body lotion?

Swig apple cider vinegar or swish coconut oil in your mouth until you gag?

I ask these questions as a holistic health professional for over thirteen years because, although all these things CAN be supportive to your health, there's SOMETHING MORE ESSENTIAL to your health and well-being that isn't even on this list. ONE THING that makes all the difference for your entire family's health, and without the rest might not even matter.

What I'm saying here may not be the popular opinion amongst holistic health professionals.

Over the past thirteen years I've seen the world of holistic and alternative health change. Supplements, essential oils, homeopathic medicine, cleanses and even kale are being marketed as the magic bullet for your health.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against any of these things. I have my own trusted professionals and take elderberry syrup and swish coconut oil too, and I believe they help me. But if you believe that these things are at the core of health and well-being, I believe you are mistaken.

The truth is, it's EASIER to think we can supplement our way to health. To put all of your faith in the functional medicine doctor or whomever else. It feels more comfortable to believe that buying the right products and doing what the experts say will keep you healthy.

I strongly believe that self-care IS

at the core of your health and well-being

BUT here's the thing...

Self care is not about consuming information or products. Self-care is soul-nourishing and replenishing and it is ESSENTIAL for your health and well-being.

Think about that statement.

Self care is not about consuming.

​​​​​​​I invite you to honestly ask yourself...

When was the last time you took time away from your daily routine to reflect, receive and celebrate?

Have you experienced what it is to receive fully without any guilt or fear about how you'll make time to reciprocate?

Are you committed to a regular practice of listening to the messages your body is sending you?

You deserve heath, energy and vibrance. You deserve to look and feel your best. Your family deserves a mom that is happy and satisfied in her life. There's no magic bullet, but it's possible. Whatever choices you make in the name of health, please make sure that they include true self-care.

Amara Wagner is a speaker and mentor who empowers moms to trust their intuition and guides them

Amara Wagner is a speaker and mentor who empowers moms to trust their intuition and guides them, with practical tools, to raise naturally healthy families. Her private and group coaching programs help women navigate motherhood mindfully and with a sense of humor, without dogma. Amara provides a unique, down-to-earth approach to moms who want to feel confident using whole foods and ancient remedies to support their family's health. She specializes in helping holistic-minded mamas parent from an intuitive place, without sacrificing their own health. To learn more about Amara and her programs please visit


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