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This Outdoor Expert Leads the Surge in Adventure Travel by Jenny B. Davis

This Outdoor Expert Leads the Surge in Adventure Travel by Jenny B. Davis, Bergen County Moms
Bryce Canyon National Park

This year, travelers are all about getting outside. Kasey Austin Morrissey forges the path.

This story is part of our series interviewing seven women who are defining new directions in travel.

Morrissey heads U.S. operations for her family’s travel-outfitter business, Austin Adventures, where she specializes in family adventure travel, especially in and around America’s national parks. Once awarded Outside magazine’s “world’s top family guide” designation – she co-led her first rafting tour at age 6 – Morrissey sees more women embracing the outdoors, and women-only excursions are likely to be next on her company’s agenda.

This Outdoor Expert Leads the Surge in Adventure Travel by Jenny B. Davis, Bergen County Moms
Glacier National Park

What I love most about the industry is the people I’ve met along the way. Each person opens a new door to adventure and new ideas – it’s why I always look forward to coming to work. These have been challenging times in the travel industry, but a silver lining has been helping people discover the beautiful national parks in the U.S. Anyone can plan a trip to a national park on their own, but the guides really step things up on our trips. They know all the best trails and iconic sights – and how to get away from the crowds – and they manage all the little pieces of the vacation so our guests can enjoy the beauty of the parks and bonding with their family with zero stress. We have so many families who are now shifting to outdoor adventures in the U.S. – they’re linking our six-day trips to create epic back-to-back adventures, like Yellowstone and Grand Teton plus Glacier, or Bryce Canyon and Zion plus Grand Canyon National Park.

Travel Tip

Be patient and respectful. The hospitality industry is understaffed, and everyone is working overtime. Even if the service isn’t up to the standard you expect or are used to, just remember, the scenery is always amazing!

Travel Must-Have

I always travel with a little purse called The Hound from Red Oxx, a company in Billings that makes indestructible travel gear. They use these giant zippers that will never, ever break, and everything zips closed so no one can slip their hand in your bag and steal your passport.

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