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SmartFlyer, Bergen County Moms

Let us give you a better, smarter way to book travel.

Bergen County Moms has partnered with SmartFlyer, 

a full-service travel agency catering to high-end corporate and leisure travelers worldwide.

SmartFlyer specializes in luxury hotels and resorts, and has an extensive industry network that allows them to negotiate amenities, upgrades and VIP status for their distinguished client base.


Their travel experts pour their time and energy into planning travel, not only because it’s their job, but because it’s their passion.

Elena Borrero, SmartFlyer Travel Consultant, Bergen County Moms

Meet Elena Borrero

SmartFlyer Travel Consultant 




Instagram: @elena_travelsmart

Travel is more than just getting to a destination and having another stamp in your passport; it's about the takeaways you get from learning about a new culture, meeting new people, tasting the food, and genuinely immersing yourself in the overall experience.


That's what I create for families, a completely customized experience.

Favorite Travel Tip

There was a point in time that I was running through life and not allowing myself to be present. After learning how much we can miss when we're rushing, a travel tip I tell my clients is to stop, practice gratitude and take it all in. Even if it's only for a few minutes, stopping and allowing yourself to slow down even allows you come away with a deeper appreciation for our beautiful world.

Ready to pack a bag and go somewhere amazing? Elena is ready to help you get there.

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