The Truth About Travel Advisors by Elena Borrero, SmartFlyer Travel Consultant

Updated: Mar 19

We’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about travel advisors: They’re expensive. They’re all the same. They take the fun out of trip-planning. If you already work with a Virtuoso advisor, you know these statements to be far from the truth. But for those who are new to this world (hello!), we thought it might be helpful to do a little myth-busting. Don’t just take it from us: We’ve also gathered some of our favorite stories from Virtuoso travelers about why they love their advisor. The pandemic has taught us a lot, including the fact that we’ll never take travel for granted again. And when it comes to something as valuable as your leisure time, we think you deserve to have it handled by the best.

Eight Travel-Advisor Myths – Debunked

25 Travelers on Why They Love Their Virtuoso Advisor

82 Percent of Travelers Say They’re More Ready to Travel in 2021

• We’ve just discovered Ocean of Books, a Google Arts & Culture experiment that lets people explore more than 140,000 titles via clicking around a vintage map. (PS: Here’s what we’re reading this month.) • We’re obsessed with: Paravel’s new Aviator Grand suitcase. The company aims to be the world’s first 100 percent sustainable travel brand by the end of the year. • If you’re longing for a night out in NYC or a martini at The Savoy’s American Bar in London, I Miss My Bar lets you cue up some of that beloved ambience at home.

Ready to Explore the World?

We have partnered with SmartFlyer, a full-service travel agency catering to high-end customized itineraries for couples and families worldwide.

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Elena Borrero, SmartFlyer Travel Consultant, is a lifelong globetrotter who has visited more than 40 countries. With an initial no fee consultation, Elena’s strengths lie in getting to know her clients and executing detail-oriented, completely customized itineraries for couples and families. She specializes in luxury hotels and resorts, and her extensive industry network allows her to negotiate amenities, upgrades and VIP status for her distinguished client base. Through her decades of testing out hotspots first-hand, her product knowledge of beach destinations, Europe and even African safaris, she is well-versed to take on creating a trip in practically any corner of the world. Learn more about the benefits of working with Elena via website or email:

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