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The Perfect Stocking Stufffer by Kate Kaschenbach

I have a new winter obsession: fingerless gloves — and arm warmers. Genius. Maybe some of you have already discovered these – but if you haven’t — they are a life saver!

At this point, our phones and even our cars are touch screen — my hands are freezing in the morning because it’s too much of a pain for me to be constantly taking gloves on and off. So I just don’t wear any. Even when I go running, I’m taking my hands in and out of my glove to change the song. Not now! And they have so many different styles and colors! Some are very elegant, like #5, and others are very casual, like #9. All styles and prices for any age and preference. I think those long plum arm warmers would look amazing with a black or gray cape or poncho — very chic (and warm!). I bought #1 and have my eye on #4 and #6 — okay, I love them all.

These would also make great gifts if you are still working on Christmas. Perfect stocking stuffer – for yourself! Or am I the only one that stuffs my own stocking?? And remember, unless you NEED something right now, hold off buying anything until after the holidays – that’s when the real sales begin!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2015.

Click on these great fingerless gloves for more details:

1. Michael Kors

2. Steve Madden

3. Phase 3

4. Michael Stars

5. Lauren Ralph Lauren

6. Duffy

7. Polo Ralph Lauren


9. Nice Shades

~ Kate Kaschenbach, Fashion blogger of, personal shopper and stylist, Founder/CEO of KK Designs LLC accessories line.


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