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The Benefits of Quality Art Education by Sasha Robinson

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Why more and more parents are investing in art education for their children.

Compared to European countries, the number of students receiving quality art education in the U.S. is still missing the mark, as art education programs continue to be underfunded in the public school system. But more and more parents are noticing the benefits of structured art education—an overall improvement in their child’s development, better functioning in STEM related subjects, stronger emotional intelligence—and are beginning to advocate for the arts and seek alternatives to school art programs.

In the same way that learning another language elevates a person’s intelligence by pushing the brain to understand new information, visual art encourages the brain to grasp and master unfamiliar concepts. In fact, visual art is a form of language, taking its roots from many cultures across history and place. It is scientifically proven that learning the language of art improves many cognitive and emotional skills in children during developmental stages, and even has benefits for the adult brain. Visual art helps boost:

· Fine and gross motor skills

· Creativity

· Concentration

· Hand-Eye coordination

· Appreciation and awareness of nature and beauty

· Self-expression

· Confidence and self-awareness

· Social and emotional learning

· Calculated risk-taking and problem-solving

Quality art education teaches students all the above and more. While there are a number of extracurricular art programs out there, high quality programs always stand out, offering students a structured curriculum that uses a personalized approach in teaching the academic fundamentals of fine arts.

Master Art Studio provides a high-level, tailored art education to all students in the suburbs of North NJ. Our senior staff is a small team of professional working artists who teach with passion, generously sharing their knowledge with students at any level. Whether or not your child chooses to pursue a creative path as an adult, the art education they receive at Master Art Studio will always be that other language that enriched their lives and continues to do so for years to come.

Master Art Studio offers art classes for children and adults in our newly relocated studio at 215 Chestnut Street, in Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Registration and class schedule is now available for our Fall 2022 semester.

Classes begin for students ages 6-17 on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022,

at our new studio location in Ridgewood.


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Enroll for Fall 2022 semester by the end of August with NO Registration Fee

*Expires August 31, 2022

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