Text to Know (TTK)

Each week we will compile a list of common abbreviations for our “texting” moms which will feature text shortcuts and acronyms to help you stay in the know!

Kids Text to Know: Concealing Activity From Mom & Dad

CU46 = See you for sex

IPN = I'm posting naked

GYPO = Get your pants off

NIFOC = Naked in front of computer

8 = Oral sex

GNOC = Get naked on camera

TDTM - Talk dirty to me

CD9 = Parents around/Code 9

KPC = Keeping parents clueless

99 = Parent gone

TWD = Texting while driving

WTTP = Want to trade pictures?

KOTL = Kiss on the lips

SUGARPIC = Suggestive or erotic photo

CID = Acid (the drug)

(L)MIRL = Let's meet in real life

DOC = Drug of choice

420 = Marijuana

Broken = Hungover from alcohol

DOC = Drug of choice

RU/18 = Are You Over 18?

1174 = Party Meeting Place

PIR = Parent in Room

General Text to Know

IDK = I don't know

*$ = Starbucks

=D = it's a happy big smiley

<3 = it's a heart

2moro = Tomorrow

LOL = Laughing Out Loud

BTW = By the Way

2nite = Tonight

J/K = Just Kidding

TTYL = Talk To You Later

GR8 = Great

NP = No Problem

DK = Don't Know

OT= Off Topic

AH = At Home

CYT = See You Tomorrow

OTP = On The Phone

OMW = On My Way


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