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Take Control From the Inside Out by Jodi Aishton

It’s that time of year to take control from the inside out…..inside your closet that is.
 This is one area of your life that you CAN find an instant fix and get better organized in 2015!

Considering this is something you do EVERY DAY, don’t you think looking and going into your closet should be more of a Zen-like relaxing experience as opposed to a daily picking up after the tornado experience?

Do you look forward to looking in your closet every day? When you enter is it easy or hard to find something to wear?

Maybe part of the problem goes back to when you moved into your home. Because it wasn’t custom built for you, you had to make do with what someone else was OK with. Someone decided to give you one row of inexpensive wire shelving that hardly maximized the space. While it wasn’t ideal, you figured you’d band-aid the problem by binging and buying baskets, creative hangers and various shoe bags and racks.

Fast-forward a few years and the shelves are a little wobbly, shoes are strewn all over the bottom of the closet and there is an overall sense of chaos in the space you call your closet that adds more stress to your day. 

What you need to do is take control of what is not working and find the solution. You can make simple changes in your life that will help you feel organized and shift your whole being.

Here are some healthy reasons to get your space organized:

1. You will definitely spend a few less minutes getting ready everyday because you will be able to find what you’re looking for.

2. You will feel excited and relaxed entering a space you’ve previously dreaded. You will be in control.

3. You will feel accomplished because you’ve tackled an overwhelming project that you’ve been avoiding.

It’s never too soon to make beneficial long-term changes.

Enjoy. Be proud of your space. Show it off. Look forward to going in it every morning!

~ Jodi Aishton, Professional Home Organizer and Designer, Ridgewood Closets


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