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Spring by The Nature Place

You may be feeling (as we ourselves have been) that the snow will never melt. Well it is melting, but it's been a long, cold winter, which definitely makes this spring so much sweeter!

Get outside to celebrate the arrival of warm sunlight, budding flowers, springtime, and all the good nature that comes with it:

  • Plan an outdoor lunch or dinner

  • Make a small outdoor fire (safely, of course) to help celebrate the sun's return.

  • Look for any flowers that may be blooming or green leaves pushing through the soil.

  • Make bets (using acorns as currency) on when any left over patches of snow will melt.

  • Check some branches to see if any buds are getting fatter or even beginning to open.

  • Take an outdoor walk and be aware of any small, flying insects that may be out and about. Now where were they this winter?!

  • If it's sunny, stand still and tilt one cheek toward the sun, close your eyes, and feel the warmth. Now turn the other cheek.

~ A special THANK YOU to The Nature Place Day Camp for sharing this great activity!


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