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Should Women Strength Train by Sean Kelly

Should Women Strength Train by Sean Kelly, Ridgewood Moms

People are usually surprised when I answer this question, but the answer is YES! The problem is that there are way too many myths out there about why women should not be strength training.

First and foremost, you will NOT end up looking like a man if you lift weights and you will NOT get big and bulky. There are a lot of factors that come into play such as hormones, nutrition and genetics that affect how your body responds to training.

If you apply basic, proper principles with your strength training, you will make progress towards your ideal health and physique.

The basic principles that we use at SKPC to train women is similar to those used for male strength training programs.

  • Use bodyweight exercises until they can handle external resistance

  • Improve core strength

  • Correct weaknesses

  • Focus a good part of their training on the posterior chain (hamstring, gluteals, and back.)

By applying these principles, we are able to see the benefits of strength training with our female clients such as:

  • Decreased body fat. The more muscle you have, the lesser amount of body fat you will have.

  • Increased strength. In every aspect of life, strength is one of the most important attributes. Increasing your physical strength will help to improve confidence and self-esteem.

  • Defined muscles. Contrary to popular belief, light weights do not “tone” your muscles. You can only make muscle more dense and fuller looking and then reveal it by having decreased levels of body fat. The best way this is accomplished is through relatively heavy strength training with proper form.

  • Improved quality of life. Strength training will increase energy levels, keep you active later in life, help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, and improve your overall well being. This will carry over to all aspects of life, enhancing the quality of living.

The best way to look and feel great is through a properly designed strength training program.

~ Sean Kelly, Mental and Physical Preparation Specialist with CPPS credentials, Owner / Founder of Sean Kelly’s Performance Center in Wyckoff, NJ


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