Should I Hire A Dementia Specialist? By Vivian Green Korner, Certified Dementia Practitioner

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

As older adults are living longer, there is a greater likelihood that they will develop a form of Alzheimer’s dementia. The biggest risk factor for developing a form of dementia is aging. In fact, 20% of 60 year olds have dementia and that rises to 45% by age 85.

This disease requires the need to have others involved to monitor and to assure the individual’s health, safety and involvement in activities. Family and friends who live close by or long distance may offer assistance, but with the best intentions there is a tipping point when this is no longer effective.

You know when you have reached a tipping point if the following has occurred:

  • There is a lack of the necessary understanding or skills to meet the dementia care needs

  • Care needs have increased in frequency and demand

  • There is a lack of time available to meet care-giving responsibilities

  • There is a lack of information and support from family members to make needed decisions

  • An increase in exhaustion and stress that prevents meeting the challenges of an individual with Alzheimer’s dementia

Should I Hire A Dementia Specialist?

Once any of the above mentioned occurs, it is time to hire a dementia specialist as a professional advisor who is trained to:

  • Assess the needs of the individual with Alzheimer’s dementia

  • Develop an individualized care plan based upon specific strategies enabling caregivers to render effective compassionate care

  • Educate the caregiver on effective practices of dementia care at all stages of dementia

  • Help with decisions making

  • Assist with short and long range planning

  • Monitor and supervise care

  • Connect caregivers with programs, services and network of professionals

It is common for families not to know what to do, what the available options are, and what resources are available. Dementia care specialists can offer tips and strategies to engage individuals with Alzheimer’s Dementia and help families find solutions.

Vivian Green Korner, MA, Certified Dementia Practitioner, is a dementia care specialist in private practice. She works with families who need guidance, direction and help with decisions that they need to make when caring for an individual with dementia. Vivian’s goal is to support families with practical advice, solutions to deal with the many challenges and help families to find the best match to programs, services and professionals. | 201.960.4277

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