My Sci-Fi Summer Vacation by Meryl Shattuck

My son got into The Walking Dead a couple of years ago. Then he got me into it. And we recently sucked my husband into it. Now, we are all hooked. Not only are we hooked but we are straight up freaks about it. We talk about it, we discuss strategy and we even talk about what we would do to fight the walkers, because you could happen. From talking to my friends I know I'm not the only one that thinks this way. This show has a way of getting into your head.

After doing a little research into character meet and greets I came across "Walker Stalker". It's a Walking Dead convention with appearances from the cast. I knew right away my son would be all over this. Quite honestly, me too. “Walker Stalker” has conventions all over the US, and this summer it’s going to be in Boston, just 4 short hours away!

For those of you that watch the show, there will be some awesome cast appearances including Carl, Beth, Noah, Bob, Abraham, Tara and more. I knew right away we had to go. I just got our tickets and our hotel room booked and you could not have seen a happier 13 year old. And if Daryl shows up I'll be even more excited than him!

Boston is a beautiful city - and what could be a better summer weekend away?! We will walk around Faneuil Hall, go to the aquarium and hang out with the cast of The Walking Dead. If you are a Walking Dead fan or you know someone that is then check out "Walker Stalker". They will be at a variety of cities including Chicago, Atlanta, Philly, Chicago and more. It's a great way to explore a new city and meet your favorite cast members from the best TV show around.

For help planning your "Walker Stalker" weekend you can reach me at

~ Meryl Shattuck, Travel agent and owner of Shattuck Travel


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