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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…I Look In The Mirror and I Only See Flaws by Julie Brower

Mother-Daughter Self-Love Tool of The Week: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Almost every teen girl (and woman) thinks there is something about their physical appearance (hair, face or body) that they dislike or wish they could change, especially when they look in the mirror.

What about you? When you look in the mirror, what do you first notice about yourself? Is it your beautiful eye color, flowing hair, high cheekbones, or magnificent smile? Or do you notice your latest pimple, crooked nose, and flab in places you don’t want it?

If you’re like most every teenage girl, the first thing you see is what you don’t like about yourself.

Think about it, how much more often do you put yourself down when you look in the mirror versus noticing what you DO like?

Mother-Daughter Self-Love Tool of The Week: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Ask your daughter to join you in this 7-day challenge. Pledge that you will both look in the mirror and compliment yourself daily. You can do this together or separately. If done separately, make sure to keep each other accountable.

The Process:

Every day for 7- days, as you put your make-up on, or brush your teeth, (occasions when you are most likely in front of a mirror),

Say (out loud or to yourself) “I have great eyes.” or “I have a pretty hair.” “I look good in these jeans.”

It might feel a bit weird or awkward at first, but it gets easier each day you do it. You can say them quietly or in your head, but pick one thing a day for 7-days that you like about your physical appearance, and compliment yourself.

I promise, looking in the mirror will actually start being fun!

Fun Tip:

You and your daughter can write on your full length or bathroom mirror with lipstick. Write statements like: I like my eyes, I have a great smile, I have thick hair and every other positive attribute about you.


Do a practice run with your daughter, hold up a small mirror or compact and have her do this exercise. If she’s having a difficult time identifying anything she likes, look in the mirror with her and compliment something (or a few things!) about her.

~Julie Brower, Certified Teen Life Coach, Health Coach & Teen Yoga Teacher, has helped hundreds of teen girls gain knowledge, tools, confidence and courage to make decisions from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect and strength. Through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, events, parties and movement, Julie connects with girls on their level and gets results.

Source: Teen Wisdom, Tami Walsh


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