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Get Things Done: Time Management Tool for Teens by Julie Brower

“What are my teachers thinking? My math homework, science test, history paper AND Spanish project are all due in the same week! There goes my G.P.A.!!!”

Does this sound familiar?

Your teen is stressed out and you don’t know how they (even with your help!) will get it all done.

• 59% report that managing their time to balance all activities is a somewhat or very significant stressor.*

• Teens who keep some form of a written schedule are more likely to reach their goals.**

• Teens who practice good time management have less stress and also have more balance and success in other areas of their lives (sports, social life, work, etc..)**

When my teen clients tell me how “stressed” they are with all their assignments and school related responsibilities, I introduce them to one of my favorite organizational tools, “My G.P.S.”

Most cars and cell phones have a G.P.S. (global positioning system) to help driver’s get to their intended destination easily and methodically. Just like a GPS system in a car helps drivers navigate to their desired destination; “My G.P.S” is going to help her navigate through her academic stress and pressure and will help her feel organized, reduce her stress, and get her to her desired destination (completed assignments and some relaxation time!).

“MY G.P.S” Example***

Time Frame: 7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.

G:“Gotta-Do’s” (List what you’ve “gotta do” today/tonight no matter what!)

1. Read History Chapter (do outline)

2. Math homework

3. Make Spanish Vocab Flash-Cards (definitions)

4. Write up Chemistry lab (yuk!)

5. ____________________________________

P: “Possibilities” (List out what you would like to possibly get done if you still have time after your “Gotta-Do’s are completed.)

1. Study for Science test on Wednesday

2. Write rough draft of English Essay on Chaucer’s, Canterbury Tales

3. ____________________________________

S:“Sugar On Top” (If you still have time left over, list what you would LOVE to get done and would consider the “sugar on top” to completing your “Gotta-Do’s” and "Possibilities”. Getting these last things done would be the “sugar on top” to a SUPER productive study time! Congrats!!)

1. Memorize the definitions on flash cards for Spanish test

2. Finish Canterbury Tales

3. ____________________________________

My Reward: Watch one hour of my (recorded) fave TV. show!

Encourage her to use it daily/weekly to stay organized. Let your teen choose how they keep track (whether it’s on their technology or handwritten). Use it with your teen anytime she is stressed and/or overwhelmed in the future.

Let me know how it goes!

~Julie Brower, Certified Teen Life Coach, Health Coach & Teen Yoga Teacher, has helped hundreds of teen girls gain knowledge, tools, confidence and courage to make decisions from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect and strength. Through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, events, parties and movement, Julie connects with girls on their level and gets results.


* American Psychological Association.

** Brown University Study of Teen Achievement.

***Teen Wisdom Inc


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