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Felice Bernard, Founder of TimeSpring: Send Today, Share Tomorrow

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

You know when you had really good intentions and wanted to create memory books for your kids - but then you forgot and it's like 14 years later? It's not too late.

Meet Felice Bernard who came up with a brilliant idea to save your memories - in an app. Felice started writing her children letters and saving them in a box, in hopes that one day she could pass the letters and memories on to them. But then she lost the box! So she decided to take it a step further —and created a social sharing app called TimeSpring.

TimeSpring, Bergen County Moms

TimeSpring is a way to bridge the gap between modern photo technology and the photo albums of the past. Felice launched TimeSpring which enables people to send photos and video to loved ones at preset dates in the future. Parents can send photos to their children years into the future and upon receiving these special messages the children will be old enough to understand and appreciate the memory.

Behind every moment is a story and a right time to share it. Our memories can and should

last as long as we want. We just love the idea of making memories with a click of a button - it's brilliant!

How It Works

  • Install for FREE on iOS or Android

  • Create your TimeSpring wheel: "Add" children, friends, and family. For recipients too young for email, simply leave email field empty.

  • When your wheel is full, select recipient, attach photo/video, compose a message, and select a future date.

  • You can edit all TimeSpring messages at any time.

Special Promo Code for Bergen County Moms

  • Enter code BCMoms for a FREE year of sharing videos (photos are free)


  • Send a message to children who are too young for e-mail. When the child is old enough, simply enter their email address.

  • TimeSpring is completely editable: You can change email and change delivery dates at any time.

  • Send one TimeSpring to all of your children or all of your grandchildren.


* Winner of Best Lifestyle App of 2018 *

* Nominee of Best Overall App of 2018 *


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