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Bergen County Moms, Please Meet Feast & Fettle - Meals You LOVE Without the Cooking + FREE OFFER!

Feast & Fettle, Bergen County Moms

Hello Bergen County Moms!

We’re new in town and we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves. At Feast & Fettle, we deliver fully-prepared meals to Members’ homes across the Northeast.

Perfect for busy families or anyone looking for an easy solution to a nourishing dinnertime, our service offers flexible plans and weekly-curated menus for every kind of eater.

And cue the confetti—as of April 7th, we’re officially in Bergen County 🎉

We’re So Happy to Bring You Dinner ❤️

All our meals are fully-prepared in our kitchen, then delivered fresh in recyclable containers with reusable totes and ice packs by our in-house driver team.

We only use high-quality, nourishing ingredients, that adhere to rigorous standards, formally known as the Feast & Fettle Food Ethos.

Feast & Fettle, Bergen County Moms

In terms of prepping your food, you’ll get some easy-to-follow reheating instructions for oven, stovetop, and microwave (you should play around with the air fryer, too), but rest assured that you won’t have to do any actual cooking.

This is what sets us apart from our competitors, the majority of whom will mail you an impersonal box of ingredients which you yourself then need to chop, sautée, etc. Feast & Fettle, on the other hand, is in practice a lot like what Maggie our founder offered in the early days of her career—a little help in the kitchen.

Once you’ve enjoyed your meals, you can leave all these materials out to be collected again by our drivers. Then we’ll get those containers to TerraCycle to ensure they’re reliably recycled, and put the sanitized bags and ice to use again and again. 

Feast & Fettle, Bergen County Moms


Go ahead and try it out for a week + get your second week FREE!

Place an order with code BERGENMOMS and we’ll match whichever plan you choose.

*Offer valid through May 15, 2024

We Hope to Serve You Soon!

Feast & Fettle Founder Maggie Mulvena Pearson, Bergen County Moms

Meet Maggie

As excited as we are to share our food with you, we also just can’t wait to expand our community. After all, serving our community is at the heart of what we do. As the staff at Edible Manhattan wrote, F&F isn’t the brainchild of a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist, but a chef who got her start cooking privately for local families.

A little background: Founder Maggie Mulvena Pearson saw how taking dinner prep off her clients’ to-do lists gave them time to slow down and connect over a meal. So she set out to help more folks simplify their mealtimes. Fast forward to now, with our vans delivering to thousands of households every week…things are pretty much going according to plan. Granted it took some solid brainstorming to figure out how to turn out a new menu every seven days and distribute fresh, preservative-free meals to a rapidly growing Member list. But when it comes to quality, we’ve never taken the easy road.

Edesia Nutrition, Feast & Fettle, Bergen County Moms

As we’ve grown, it’s been important to us to give back every step of the way. For every F&F order placed, a dollar is donated—to help treat malnourished children around the world with our partners at Edesia, and to support local nonprofits doing invaluable work in the areas we deliver to.

Since we’re launching in Bergen County during Earth Month, we’re sponsoring the Teaneck Creek Conservancy fundraiser—which will bring more native plants to their Peace Labyrinth and help improve local biodiversity.

Locals such as yourselves probably already know their grounds are gorgeous, but if you haven’t gotten out there yet, you should! 


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