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Developing Healthy Habits to Reduce Anxiety by Lukin Center

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Examples of How to Set Boundaries for Yourself by Maram Barak, M.A., Bergen County Moms

April is Stress Awareness Month, and as we all know, stress can take a serious toll on our mental health, which is why it's extremely important to take care of ourselves.

Developing healthy habits and learning different coping mechanisms can go a long way!

Here is a list of articles from Lukin Center that offers various tips and tools recommended to help us develop healthy habits to reduce anxiety:

How To Use Guided Imagery For Increasing Focus During Distracting Days by Dr. Elizabeth Palumbo

Join Dr. Andrea Tesher for a Moms Virtual Support Group for Anxiety

What You Need to Know About Panic Attacks by Maram Barak, M.A.

Recognizing Thought Patterns Can Help You Be More In Control of Your Thinking by Maram Barakat, M.A.

From Cave-People To Bears: 3 Steps To Help Manage Emotions by Geoffrey Hillback, LCSW

Common Ways We Fight Reality + Why by Melissa Forero, LCSW

3 Steps of Thought Journaling Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D.

How to Teach Children Controlled Breathing with Pinwheels by Kristen Estrella, LCSW

Hacking Mental Health Through Breath by Aleksandra Goncharova, Ph.D.

How to Quiet Intrusive And Negative Thoughts and Live in the Present by Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D.

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