Budget-Friendly Shorts for All Body Types by Kate Kaschenbach




With the weather in the 80’s lately I’ve been on the hunt for some new shorts. The good news is the HUGE variety out there – from fun prints, stripes, eyelet and lace, to tailored pairs, the style options are endless. The bad news – this can be a little overwhelming!

A few tips:

If You’re Curvy:

Longer boyfriend shorts are your friend. Try for a pair that are relaxed and streamlined, and tuck in your top to add definition to your waist

If You’re Petite:

If you feel comfortable, go for real shorty-shorts to elongate your legs, or opt for a high waisted pair with vertical stripes -both will add inches to your frame

If You’re Super Slim/Have Long Legs:

Create curves and a defined waistline with shape-making pleated shorts (#4). The paper-bag-waist cinchis especially on-trend (and slimming). And of course, lucky for you ladies, you can also wear really short shorts- – you’ve got the legs – show them off!

Shorts that Work on Everyone:

Mid-length shorts work on everyone. Try for a pair that hits right at the middle of your thigh (the narrowest part), and be wary of a large cuff, which can add width.

Hope that helps with your shorts shopping! Here are a variety of shorts I found at great prices. Try each type on and find what works for you – from 3-4″ inseam, to 6″ inseam all the way to the longer bermuda shorts! (Tip: bermuda shorts look best when they have a more fitted look, as opposed to loose and baggy).

Happy Shopping!


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