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Break the Window and Shatter the Glass by Randi Levin, CPC, Life Transition Coach

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Break The Window & Shatter The Glass by Randi Levin, Ridgewood Moms

“Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.”—Mark Twain

As children we are taught that breaking a window is haphazard, careless and costly and therefore is not something we should do. We are also taught to be mindful and careful of property, after all we would not want to be cut by the shards of glass from that broken window. We are also mindful of the 7 years of bad luck that we will undoubtedly receive if we shatter a mirror! Let’s face it…broken glass carries with it discomfort and maybe a little fear.

Basically, there are two types of people. Rule followers and rule breakers. Those who do everything by the book, often never take risks or experiment with the unknown. It can be an efficient lifestyle choice anchored in a “good is good enough” frame of mind. Then there are people who always seem to be bending the rules and marching to their own beat. While I am not suggesting that we break the law, I am suggesting that there may be some rules that we set for ourselves that are in need of renegotiation. Just like the glass in the window, there may be elements of our lives that need to be broken first in order to then be fixed.

Where in your life are your decisions driven by your internal rules, and where may the choices you are making be dictated by your inner chatter rather than by what you actually want and desire? Avoiding the broken glass in life is a safe path that often has us rationalizing and accepting what is handed to us versus what we can create through hard work and specific choice. Some of us work hard to maintain what we already have in life, fearful of losing what we already have acquired and for these people, what they have now is the reward itself. Some of us work hard on looking at the next personal evolution, the next chance or challenge, and the next step in our personal growth. For these people the opportunity lies in self-discovery and reinvention. Neither approach is wrong, just different.

Tony Robbins says, “It is not our stories that hold us back; it is that we actually believe our stories. To make changes we need to raise our own standards about what we will or will not tolerate from ourselves any longer.” Some of our stories can empower us and others zap our energy. We all have glass in our lives, sometimes it breaks on its own and sometimes we shatter it.

Every broken window lets in fresh air. Air allows us to breath easier, to cool off, to refresh our thoughts. The shards of glass may fit together like a puzzle or fall apart into a million tiny diamonds. What is broken may never be exactly the same, but that’s the thing. The new window does not have to be exactly like the old window. The glass may be thicker, the panes tinted, the locks larger. Every broken moment in life carries with it the ability to disrupt us, but also the chance to rebuild, renew and change. Breaking the glass, or breaking some of our personal rules, tests our ability to navigate the unknown and to chart a new course.

How do you plan on shattering the glass in your life?

Randi Levin, CPC, founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching

Randi Levin, CPC, founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching – is a nationally recognized transitional life strategist, Fortune 500 keynote, author, and reinvention expert. Randi Levin Coaching supports women in becoming legends in their own lives! Legacy is a mindset and a muscle that when flexed can become a power tool for change and redirection in the current moment. Randi is a catalyst toward a shift in perspectives in regard to fear, growth, purpose and overall success—all key elements of her Signature GPS Coaching System. Randi Levin Coaching is widely quoted and featured in top media outlets. She is a featured expert for Thrive Global, DivorceForce, The Three Tomatoes, Women for One, and Better After 50. Her workshops have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and you may have seen her in HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, Business Insider, American Express OPEN Forum, and Working Mother Magazine. She is regularly a guest on top podcasts and radio shows. Randi is a contributing author in the anthology series Get RESULTS!


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