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WIN Kilwins 5 Caramel Apple Giveaway + 1 Free Caramel Apple a Month for a Year!

WIN Kilwins 5 Caramel Apple Giveaway+ 1 Free Caramel Apple a Month for a Year, Bergen County Moms

The best way to celebrate fall and the crisp holiday season is with a Kilwins Caramel Apple giveaway!

Kilwins Caramel Apples are the best! Their original recipe is made from scratch, hand paddled for over two hours and each apple is individually dipped in their store front kitchen in Ridgewood.

Kilwins Caramel Apples make great treats for any special occasion. They can even be personalized for any holiday theme - Halloween, Thanksgiving and all year round.

Enter to WIN this SWEET Giveaway ($115 Value):

Pick out your 5 favorite Kilwins Caramel Apples + enjoy 1 FREE Caramel Apple a month for a full year!

Click Here to Enter to WIN

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