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What’s It All About – Yin / Yang By Lois Kramer-Perez CHt.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

What’s It All About – Yin / Yang By Lois Kramer-Perez CHt., Ridgewood Moms

Yin / Yang is the ultimate balance in life. As you can see in the tai chi symbol: each section has a piece of the other. The black represents “Yin” The Moon, midnight, dark, the quiet, the cool, the element Water. The white portion represents “Yang” The Sun, noon, bright, the active, the hot, the element Fire. One cannot exist without the other.

So why do we not pay attention to our Yin / Yang? What happens when we run around too much without taking time for grounding? We are all familiar with the term “burnt out.” Our Yang is so high our “Fire” gets out of control! We start out having fun, then our “Fire” gets out of control, we become scattered, and all of our energy resources, our Tree energy becomes burnt to a crisp.

What can add fuel to our Fire? Take a look around your environment: Has anyone been to Fish in Ridgewood? There was a grand bank in that space for many years – this restaurant embraces the high ceilings, giant windows, huge doors and enormous vault – not too cozy, but lots of fun - a very Yang space.

We can become stimulated with bright lights, bright colors and things that tickle our fancy – but try relaxing in a bright orange room with sparkling crystal chandeliers and rock music! It is good to know how to light our fires when we need to boost our “chi” (chi= energy life force) If we find ourselves too serious – laughter is our best medicine!

As we create a balanced home environment it is not too unusual to instinctively choose Yin, quiet soothing colors and furnishings for the bedrooms and our relaxation spaces. We must remember not to have our bedrooms too Yin or it will be too difficult for us to get up!

Yin, dark quiet and soft, the perfect energy for dreaming, thinking, and just being. Yin is horizontal, with plenty of room to recline and spread out, the element of Water. Imagine your favorite spa, the lights are low, gentle sounds of relaxing music and a scent of lavender.. ahhh I can just drift away, like the bubble bath commercial from the 60’s “Calgon – take me away!”

Following my Feng Shui Mantra of “How does it feel?” The next time you find that are feeling a bit out of sorts.. stop, take a breath, and become aware of what is around you. Do you need a lift or are you feeling overwhelmed?

Shift your Yin/Yang to fit your situation. Remember, you are in control of how YOU respond to the situation. Be the Driver of Your Destiny.

~ Lois Kramer-Perez, a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner & Educator working with people creating healthy abundant lifestyles embracing the feng shui principles for people, places and things. Click here to view Lois’ videos. Lois would love to hear from you, contact her at 201.906.5767

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