The Sensory Path at Orchard Elementary School in Ridgewood, NJ

The Sensory Path at Orchard Elementary School in Ridgewood, NJ, Bergen County Moms

Have you heard about The Sensory Path? Orchard Elementary School in Ridgewood, NJ recently implemented a Sensory Path for their students to help any student who needs to take a few moments to physically express themselves in a safe and controlled manner before calming their body down and rejoining their typical day.  It's a great way to get a brain break!

Principal Mary K. Ferreri and Dr. Megan Galanti, LDTC at Orchard School organized a team to install the new Sensory Path that was given through a partnership and grant by LSHSA and Orchard HSA. After cleaning, planning and sticking down a lot of floor decals, here is what Principal Ferreri had to say.

"The sensory path is designed to provide our students with a physical and motivational outlet throughout their very busy day- it's a place for them to get their wiggles out! 

The specific movements of the path have been designed to help students release built up energy, while bringing them back to a place of calm and increased focus.  Our sensory path provides proprioceptive input and feedback helping the students to feel more grounded and ready for whatever is presented to them!

Additionally, it incorporates balance, spatial awareness, and motor skills in a fun and exciting way.  Having the sensory path in our building has allowed our students to take a much needed "brain break" and feel prepared and energized to re-enter their academic environment.  This has been a positive addition to our facility and also supports our dedication to providing mindfulness and calming activities to our students."

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