Swimsuit Cover Ups by Kate Kaschenbach

Swimsuit wearing season is here!! Swimsuit wearing season is here???!!!! I love summer. I love the heat — and I love baking in the sun (with sunblock and a hat of course). But, for many of us, there is no scarier shopping excursion like bathing suit shopping. I am not going to put you through that today. Instead, let’s talk covering up lol! I love bathing suit cover ups and feel you can never have too many. Some days you want to be, some days you want to be chic, and some days you just want comfort. Thankfully, there’s a cover up for that. And one on sale, of course! This summer, I plan to be seen in a cover-up way more frequently than in a bathing suit. That’s my plan, anyway.

Here are some adorable swimsuit cover-ups! All of them are on SALE aside from 2 of them, #1 and #8 — and I included them because I REALLY liked them (especially #1 — you should see the back of it!) and thought they were well priced. However, they are both Ann Taylor, and AT has frequent sales, so if you want to see if you can wait for the next sale, go for it!

Hopefully this makes bathing suit season shopping a little less painless — even fun!

Happy Shopping!




~ Kate Kaschenbach, Fashion blogger of DesignerDealToday.com, personal shopper and stylist, Founder/CEO of KK Designs LLC accessories line.


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