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Summer Feng Shui Fun and Inspiration by Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt.

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Summer Feng Shui Fun and Inspiration by Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt., Ridgewood Moms

Is it any coincidence we associate summer with fun? Feng Shui teaches us that the Season of Summer is the essence of the Fire Element. Obviously for students, summer means “schools out!” – so why do “I” still get that giddy fun vacation feeling when summer rolls around? And I have not been a calendar year student for quite some time.

The Element Fire tells it all. Fire is the light in our hearts, the light in our eyes.

When the lights are bright, all becomes clear, we are motivated, we awaken, we are ready for fun!

We enjoy the summer fun and find ourselves out into the bright evening, enjoying those late night sunsets and fireflies.

Fire ignites our curiosity, passions and our joy.

Fire inspires.

Fire is transformational.

May I share a tip with you?

We do not need to wait until summer to enjoy the essence of this fire element. We can tap into this essence all year long.

When we find ourselves too serious, find some fire;

  • Connect with someone who lights up your life, brings you laughter.

  • Do something silly.

  • Laughter really is our best medicine. A good belly laugh will warm our body and cleanse our spirit with tears of joy. You know that feeling of release after a good laugh, ahhh…I feel at least ten pounds lighter and ten years younger!

  • When we are bored, find some fire;

  • Engaging our curiosity, will lead us to inspiration.

  • Look to the rainbow of inspiration, in nature, in music, in body and spirit.

  • Get up and dance your happy spirited soul ~ shine your light with laughter

Become the inspiration you seek in this world. You are the fire that ignites our light. Namaste – The Light In Me, Recognizes The Light In YOU!

Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt. is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner & Educator working with people creating healthy abundant lifestyles with feng shui for your space and your soul. Visit for your free Ten Minute Tune Up and to find out more Feng Shui. Lois would love to hear from you, contact her at 201.906.5767


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