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Spring Wardrobe Essentials by Kate Kaschenbach

In case you couldn’t tell through my posts lately, I kind of can’t wait for spring! I have a Splash of Color Series that is all about adding color to your wardrobe focusing on a different color each week until Spring. We started when we had 1o weeks until Spring, and just this past Monday we did Week 7 – hooray! Only 3 more weeks.

In keeping with that same spirit — today I will begin a two-part series on my top 12 Spring Wardrobe Essentials. This week I will cover 6 items I feel would be great additions to your closet, if they aren’t already in there — and next week I’ll continue with a second 6 items — so stay tuned!

I would also love to hear from you if you think I’ve missed something! Please feel free to comment on my blog or on my Facebook or Instagram pages!

So here we go — the first 6 Spring Wardrobe Essentials


I swear, of all the things I own, my striped shirts get more wear than anything! I wear them all year long — and I think they are just so simple and, well, cute. Here are a few I found.

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The greatest style trend of the Spring for moms! There is nothing more practical than a sneaker that looks great with a pair of jeans. Whether you prefer to go with the more athletic style or the slip-on fashion sneakers — they are all great additions to your wardrobe. Thank you fashion universe!

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I am SO excited to break out my white jeans — they just seem to make me feel like I’m on vacation. And I truly believe every color looks better against a pair of white jeans – -grab them in every style — you will not be sorry! (and they can be bleached — you moms know what I’m talking about)

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I have owned the same denim jacket for years now, and I don’t see it going out of style any time soon. Wear with a striped top and your white jeans — and maybe a fun scarf: done.

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So comfortable and flattering — pair your fave chambray style shirt with (white) denim, or a patterned skirt for an easy and interesting outfit. If you do not already own of these babies — they are a must. You will wear it all year long, layered under sweaters or over a t-shirt.