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Responsible + Reliable: The New Hiring Benchmarks by Fern Weis, Parent + Family Recovery Coach

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Responsible + Reliable: The New Hiring Benchmarks by Fern Weis, Parent + Family Recovery Coach, Bergen County Moms

If you make hiring decisions or manage staff, you're probably noticing something lacking in many new hires.

Responsible and reliable are the new hiring benchmarks in many companies. This statement implies that those qualities used to exist in younger hires, and are now becoming a fond memory.

Training to be responsible and reliable begins at home, the earlier the better.

  • Do your kids have household tasks?

  • Do they learn how to handle money?

  • Do they show up where they need to be on time?

  • Do they respect limits? (They don’t have to like them!)

  • Do they behave and communicate respectfully?

That’s the beginning of the early training that will make your child stand out from the crowd, and be more successful in work and life.

Lots of people have book and tech smarts; however, it’s the ones with well-developed character who will progress faster.

We talk about this and more in my private FB community, Connected Moms and Teens.

Join us!

Fern Weis is a certified life coach who learned that caring and good intentions are not enough in parenting. In fact, they are often the problem! Fern supports parents of teens and young adults who are going through difficult situations, including addiction recovery. She helps parents release guilt, end enabling and confidently prepare their children to thrive through life's challenges. Her articles are featured in Thrive Global, Medium, Motherly, The Teen Mentor, and Bergen County Moms.

Learn more about coaching and classes at And then download your free guide, "Five Powerful Steps to Get Your Teen to Talk." For information on Family Recovery programs, visit


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