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Perfection by Noreen Heffernan

I crave bologna and chocolate after I have a baby. Every single one. I want chocolate and bologna sandwiches. I have no idea why. I hole up in my bubble and eat these wonderful things that always tend to make my baby gassy. I instantly regret it when I’m walking around the house for the millionth time, patting my baby’s back wondering what I ate to make her so fussy. Now, I just had a Cadbury cream egg left over from Easter and I’m having a sugar high and have about 20 minutes to write before my next feeding. I actually tried to write last week but we got a new computer and I couldn’t find Word. I had a few minutes and so I decided to lie flat on my face instead. I chose correctly.

Hello out there?!

I have been living in a bubble for three weeks now. It is actually very nice. I kind of stopped caring about the outside world. I mean, the outside world is nice and all, but I enjoyed recovering at home in my un-pop-able bubble. Things are going well. I mean, I won’t talk about the fact that my 3 year old spontaneously decided that she is deathly afraid of bugs and refuses to go outside. It’s going to be a loooong spring/summer, I told her. Besides that, gold.

There is something about babies. They make you forget. I mean, I have already forgotten how MISERABLE I was as a pregnant woman. My husband and my mom don’t forget, but I have completely forgotten it. I’m already forgetting that I had a C-section, even though I’m still not allowed to climb stairs and the driving thing is up in the air. But, when you look at these perfect little babies, you forget anything bad and really just relish in all that is right and good in the world. They make you believe in goodness and perfection.

And she is perfection.

She is too good to be true. Because when I saw her, I couldn’t believe it. And when I held her, I couldn’t believe it. And when they gave her to me and she knew me already, I couldn’t believe it. We were meant to be. And it is amazing that she might have not been here, if I didn’t take the plunge. And where would I be without her?

We all make mistakes in life. We all just try our best. We want to try and be the best parents, wives, husbands, girlfriends, friends, neighbors, etc. Sometimes we shine and sometimes we fail. But, I know I must have done something right in order to have been blessed with her.

She is here. After 9 long months, she came to me in a perfect pink bundle. My girls adore her. We adore her. Through my sleep deprived eyes and with a fully awake heart, I count every blessing that has graced me in this life.

I did it.

I made it.

The end of the tunnel has arrived and on the other side, is a new and wonderful journey ahead, which always begins with spit up and poopie diapers.

~Noreen Heffernan,Writer, MA in Public and Corporate Communications, Certified in PR Writer, Growing Ladies


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