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Overflow by Noreen Heffernan

Overflow by Noreen Heffernan, Bergen County Moms

We are flooded with so much information on a daily basis, news alerts, articles, blogs, videos, selfies, Instagram stories, etc. It is overwhelming. Sometimes it is hard to decipher or even filter what is important to us and what can be let go. It gets to a point, where everything seems important, nothing is let go, and we are feeling deflated in the end and we don’t know why. And this is us, the parents, the adults, the ones who are supposed to pave the way. It is us that goes through this array of emotions on a daily, things that we didn’t have to worry about as kids and as adolescents. But something now that we have inherited, by default; the overflow of information. Our loss of innocence.

Now, more than ever, it is so important to find balance. The balance of information is sought from and through our mind and soul and is intricate for the nourishment of our minds and hearts. Whittling away the negative and the nonsense and honing in on what really matters. And that which is not, the idolizing of life. We think we know, but there are days when we don’t. We think we have it all figured out, but I know for me, I am constantly thrown for a loop by what I see, what I read, and/or what I hear. And then I have to decide, how do I move forward from here? I’m not just talking about one aspect of life, I’m talking about it all. How do we move forward from here?

I think we have to always remember that nobody is living a perfect life. Yes, it has been said in 4 million different ways and through different articles and blogs and vlogs. WE KNOW! And what we see, is the highlight. WE KNOW THAT TOO! We’ve read 63 articles about it, took notes and stored it in the back of our minds, only to be used when Susie Q down the street makes her famous Bolognese sauce and posts it to boot. Ok, so now what? We know it all, we’ve read it all and yet, we still walk along side of the street, off the beaten path trying to figure out why our sauce is burning?!

So, to recap, our sauce is burning, we burned our wrist in the process, we took 44 selfies and none of them hide the wrinkle between our eyebrows, and we got to bed at night and we can’t sleep trying to manage all the information we received THAT DAY.. Hmmm…

Now, let’s look at our children. If we can barely survive this new world, fully grown and lived, how can they? They don’t quite have the tools yet to understand the highlight reel. And they do not quite know how to let it go just yet. It takes a lot of self- control, self-confidence and maturity. It takes time. They aren’t ready, especially if we are still trying to figure it out. Will they ever be? Will we?

This new world, is full of a lot of information, but there is also positivity, if we choose to see that. It is such a task, to see and understand and then decipher, what is real, what is highlighted and who is there for us when it really matters and who is there for show. If we understand that, we can understand a lot. And if we can slowly teach our children these lessons as we are learning them, well then, they just might have a chance.

Noreen Heffernan, Writer, MA in Public and Corporate Communications, Certified in PR , Writer, Growing Ladies and Beautycounter Consultant,


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