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Organizing Sanity by Evelyn Cucchiara

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Organizing Sanity by Evelyn Cucchiara, Ridgewood Moms

Hello! I’m new to this amazing space, and Jen asked me to write about what I’m passionate about - which is saving my sanity through organization. I’m all about faster, better ways to get things done, keep things neat, and give me back my time.

This week I’m writing about the 4 rules of organizing, so if that sounds like something you need, read on…….…

I’m going to put it right out there - I’m sick of winter. These warm days popping up every so often are making me dream of wearing short sleeves everyday! But alas, it’s only March. And my basement flooded with all the rain we had recently. Time to think about spring cleaning.

Has the urge to organize hit you yet? Well, if it has by either choice or circumstance, here’s the SANE way to get it done and make the organizing stick so next year you don't have do it again. While I specialize in toys and playrooms, the same rules apply everywhere.

The key to organizing anything and keeping your sanity is doing it right the first time.

Here are the 4 basic SANE steps:

1 SORT - go through everything and get rid of anything that is broken, doesn't fit or doesn't make you smile.

2 ARRANGE - this means not only storing like with like, but having the right storage supplies to do the job. This doesn't mean cute gingham labels that look adorable but don't function. Forget about most of the storage furniture in The Pottery Barn catalog and others like it. Those places are strictly form over function - but true organizing is function over form. Every time.(You wouldn't believe how much "organizing shelving" gets recycled when I go in to do a playroom, because most of it just doesn't work.)

3 NAME - everything needs a name, which means a label. Without labels, you're the only one that knows where things belong - which is great if you want to be the only one putting things away. Share the job by labeling - and for kids, pictures are key.

4 EVERYONE - Everyone needs to be involved - so you need an organizational system the whole family can participate in and keep up. My family and I do a quick family clean up once a week just to keep things livable. Share the work!

In order for organizing to be a one time and works forever job, you need all four steps. Most people do one or two, think they’re done, and wonder why everything's a mess again only a week later. Do yourself a favor and do it right the first time. You’ll thank me later.

Article written by Evelyn Cucchiara, The Toy Tamer


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