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Magic by Noreen Heffernan

Is it just me or do the kids seem to behave worse as Christmas approaches? Suddenly, Santa feels like an empty threat. “I’m calling SANTA!” Yea, sure thinks every kid in America (even my 3 year old). She rolls her eyes and continues to throw shredded cheese on the kitchen floor with no remorse. “Elfie is going to tell Santa!!!!” (Our Elf on the Shelf). She responds, “Elfie is in the other room, he can’t see me.”

Greaaaatt!!! Literal magic doesn’t fly in my house. “He can see through walls,” I continue on hanging on and clinging to any shred of decency left in my children’s hearts. “Well, he didn’t even move last night, maybe his magic is gone.” And maybe my sanity went with him….

Just joking. But seriously, I really need to thank my Mom for everything she did for us. The Christmas/Holiday season in general is pretty stressful, yes?

And the truth of the matter is this: Moms literally hold all of the magic of the season in their hands. And as I limp over to Elfie to try and move him for the next day, I am reminded of it over and over again. (I’m limping from wrapping if you can believe it. I threw my hip out wrapping in a straddle position).

Moms are amazing!

Last weekend, we had a kid-free 24 hours. I spent the afternoon wrapping and then I went out to dinner with my husband. We sat in a cozy corner by the window and watched people pass by. I was a little uncomfortable because the baby was kicking me LOW! I said to my husband, “I think the baby is kicking at my cervix,” and he responded, “are you going to eat that duck meat?” …….

Because I was away from the kids and because I had finished wrapping for the girls, I threw my head back and laughed harder than ever. I actually still laugh thinking about it. I mean, cervix and duck meat should not be in the same 5 minutes of conversation. It just made me realize that, yes this time of year can be stressful. Yes I am walking with a limp from sitting and wrapping for hours. Yes, there are five hundred thousand things to be done, but there are moments when we can sit back and laugh. There are moments when we can truly appreciate this time of the year when everything is so bright and happy and magical. When the lights remind us to illuminate our hearts and to take a step back and just enjoy the moment.

Anything feels possible.

And you know what; we make the impossible, possible

I love this time of year. I love that we get it together. We get it done, whatever we have to do. We make it happen for our children. And it is always so worth it when we see the magic in their eyes. It makes me believe!

I believe in us. I know what you are doing Moms, you are making the holidays wonderful and magical for your babies. Keep doing what you are doing. And while you are doing it, have a cup of jolly, a laugh, and enjoy the lights. My jolly this year is egg nog. I hope yours is wine.

Have the best holiday season and an even better New Years. May 2015 bring you all the love and laughter your heart can hold.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

I’ll see you again next year.

~Noreen Heffernan,Writer, MA in Public and Corporate Communications, Certified in PR Writer, Growing Ladies


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