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Lose the Lecture. Say It in a Word. By Fern Weis, Parent + Family Recovery Coach

Lose the Lecture.  Say It in a Word. By Fern Weis, Parent + Family Recovery Coach, Bergen County Moms

You know when you're lecturing. You can see it on your child's face… or in the eye-rolling… or in the sigh. But you keep going because now they're being disrespectful and you're going to make your point if it's the last thing you do!

You've lost this round, in more ways than one. You're frustrated and they've mentally checked out. Whatever lesson you're trying to teach is now out the window. Nagging doesn't teach responsibility, it teaches your child to avoid you and all the things you want him to do.

With teens, and most people, less is more. Say it in a word or two.

-Your laundry

-Be home by 11:00

-No phones at the table

Message delivered. Time to move on.

Fern Weis is a certified life coach who learned that caring and good intentions are not enough in parenting. In fact, they are often the problem! Fern supports parents of teens and young adults who are going through difficult situations, including addiction recovery. She helps parents release guilt, end enabling and confidently prepare their children to thrive through life's challenges. Her articles are featured in Thrive Global, Medium, Motherly, The Teen Mentor, and Bergen County Moms. Learn more about coaching and classes at And then download your free guide, "Five Powerful Steps to Get Your Teen to Talk." For information on Family Recovery programs, visit

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