It Takes a Village: A Conversation About Diabetes Care (Free Event)

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Wednesday, November 20th

It Takes a Village: A Conversation About Diabetes Care

*FREE Event


Jack Daniels Porsche 335 Route 17 South, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

7pm - 9pm

The Diabetes Foundation, New Jersey's premier not-for-profit organization that empowers individuals living with diabetes, will host It Takes a Village: A Conversation about Diabetes Care.

Moderated by Patricia Stark, television host and contributor, the event is hosted in collaboration with the Hackensack University Medical Center's (HUMC) Molly Center for Children, the HUMC Molly Diabetes Education/Management Canter for Adults and Children, and the Bergen County School Nurses Association.

The event will focus on the challenges of students living with diabetes, new technologies and resources for care. It will also be a conversation about ways to better coordinate care for students living with diabetes.


The Diabetes Foundation The Molly Center for Children The Molly Diabetes Education/Management Center for Adults and Children Bergen County School Nurses Association


  • 504 Plan

  • New devices

  • Coordinating care between home, school and health care team

  • Connecting to resources

Everyone is welcome, please share with family + friends!

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