Front Door Color: What It Can Say About You by Luly Bestard Melarti

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Photo by Terracotta Design Build

Nothing says welcome more than your front door. It is the very object that your guests take in as they wait for you to open the door and welcome them in. Many homeowners do not pay much attention to this detail, but they should. While the overall color of a house may be of a neutral scheme to fit into the neighborhood, the color of the front door provides an opportunity to set the tone for your house and make it stand out.

In the past, traditional colors were the most common choice. Now as you drive around your neighborhood, you will notice how this is starting to change. It is very likely that you have inherited your front door color from the previous owner. However, it is one of the easiest changes to make to your house and you can even do it yourself! So if you have not really thought about the color of your front door before, maybe this is the time to start thinking about it.

When selecting a door color, you should think about your personal style. For example, the color you choose can be unexpected and playful or perhaps simple and elegant. Whatever your style, the door color should also work well with the exterior materials of your house and should always complement your home’s exterior color scheme.

Here are some examples of how different front door colors can be used effectively to communicate your style:

Photo by Terracotta Design Build


Bold, Joyful, and Welcoming

Photo by Terracotta Design Build


Classic, Elegant, and Sophisticated

Photo by Terracotta Design Build

Baby Blue

Serene, Relaxing, and Tranquil

Photo by Terracotta Design Build

Dark Blue

Graceful, Calming, and Refined

Photo by Terracotta Design Build

Aqua Blue

Bright, Lively, and Positive

Photo by Terracotta Design Build

Natural Wood

Quiet, Peaceful, and Natural

Photo by Terracotta Design Build


Cheerful, Energetic and Playful

Luly Bestard Melarti, Designer, Licensed Architect, and Co-Owner of Terracotta Design Build, an award-winning residential design build company offering INTERIOR and ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN services in New Jersey.


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