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FREE Webinar on Child Nutrition: Smart Summer Shopping + Cooking by FAAFC on June 2nd

Updated: May 20, 2021

FREE Webinar on Child Nutrition by FAAFC on March 10th, Bergen County Moms

French-American Aid for Children (FAAFC) is thrilled to present its new Summer Nutrition webinar on June 2, as part of our compelling series that promotes healthy eating habits for children year-round. While the country slowly rounds the pandemic curve, it seems that summer will once again welcome kids with vital outdoor activities and become the perfect time for families to socialize more freely and to enjoy healthy, seasonal food.

Join us for a dynamic dialogue with our expert panelists, who will advise you about the best affordable summer fruits and vegetables, and share recipes and ideas for integrating seasonal produce into tasty snacks and light meals, whether at home or packed to go. Our panelists will counsel you on how to shop smartly in terms of your family size and budget, and how to analyze food label ingredients at your local grocery store, mobile market or farmers market. You will also learn about Federal and State-subsidized Nutrition Benefit Programs available to lower income households.

We know how crucial it is for children to be engaged in their own nutrition: it is the key to a lifetime of good health. This is why we have introduced a special new element to this webinar: a live cooking demo with kids in the kitchen. We encourage parents and caregivers to share this fun and educational moment with their kids. This free webinar will start at 6 PM and last for one hour. Our goal is to educate as many families as possible about healthy and affordable solutions.

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Meet Our Fabulous Expert Panel!

FREE Webinar on Child Nutrition by FAAFC on March 10th, Bergen County Moms

Stacey Antine, Director/Founder HealthBarn USA , Chef Bill Telepan, Executive Chef Wellness in the Schools & Culinary Director at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and moderator Pam Koch, Research Associate Professor of Nutrition at Columbia University and Executive Director Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy.

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