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Drink Up Your Water is Perfect! By Cindy Dittfield

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Drink Up Your Water is Perfect! By Cindy Dittfield, Ridgewood Moms

These are the words everyone living in Northern New Jersey wants to hear; however, based on the current news, it’s getting tougher and tougher to find good water news. Our last article provided articles about issues in specific towns and suggested you take a look to see if your town was receiving any publicity about the drinking water.

The message was very clear – get a free water test and put your mind at ease. The article spoke to the importance of testing your water for both hardness and, of course, purity.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

It’s extremely easy to sit behind the keyboard and tell a story or outline for the readers what their best course of action should be; however, it’s also important as the writer to be intimately familiar with what you’re writing about.

Thinking about that, I decided that it was time for me to actually put my money where my mouth is.

Readying for the Move

My husband and I tweaked, fixed, painted and scrubbed. Unfortunately, we had some hard water repairs that needed attention and we’re happy it’s all behind us. That got us to thinking about what is ahead of us. We know what the water quality and hardness levels are in our northern New Jersey home, but what about in Virginia?

In Virginia the water is delivered to my home via a 450’ private well through a pump house. Unlike here, the water never sees a treatment plant or receives any chlorine. It comes straight from the ground to my faucet. I’ll admit it does have a different flavor, but again, there isn’t any chlorine added to the water which does affect the taste.

We headed down to Virginia for our monthly visit and packed a new clean jar to transport our precious water. As soon as we got home, we called for a free water test at Passaic Bergen Water Softening

Our Experience

We visited the Wyckoff location, which is closest to our home. When we went in, I announced that we were there for a free water test. The woman took our sample and poured it into a clean bottle and then asked that I provide them with my name and phone number. She pleasantly told me I’d hear back within 48 hours.

And I did! I have to admit I sighed in relief when I answered the phone and as presented with my result. The technician introduced himself and happily told me to “drink up”.

He reviewed each of the levels they tested for with me over the phone and explained what each of them meant.

pH. Indicates water’s acidity and helps determine if water will corrode plumbing.

HARDNESS. Helps determine the need for water softening; also influences corrosivity.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids*) What exactly is in your drinking water?

My report was stellar and I’m pleased I have a baseline for each level so whenever I decide to retest I know what to look for. A better understanding of each of these different tests helped me learn more about water testing overall.

What I loved about the experience with Passaic Bergen Water Softening is that I got exactly what I asked for – a free water test. I wasn’t strong-armed, frightened or pressured into thinking I needed a water filtration system for my home. Instead I had a assurance that my well water was great, and I could drink with confidence.

~ Cindy Dittfield, writer for Passaic Bergen Water Softening


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