Christmas, New Year's Eve and the Northern Lights in Iceland by Anna Fishman

Iceland: A True Winter Wonderland!

We have access to some incredible packages for Christmas and New Year's - this winter, celebrate the holidays in Iceland!

Iceland is a magical destination in the winter. From experiencing the amazing aurora borealis to visiting Icelandic countryside to celebrate Christmas, there is never a bad time to add Iceland to your travel list. 

We can extend your package to include the best sights and fine dining of Reykjavík. The best news? Reykjavík is only a short flight away from the continental US, making Iceland a great getaway option for a quick 5-7 day trip. 

  • 2 nights in Reykjavik & 2 nights in the countryside 

  • Must-see nature: Golden Circle, the South Coast and Vatnajökull national park with Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon with floating icebergs

  • New Year's Dinner with a Bonfire Tour and a Fireworks Cruise in Reykjavik

  • Northern Lights searches

  • 2 nights in Reykjavik & 2 nights in the countryside 

  • Places to visit: Reykjavik, Reykjanes Peninsula, Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, South Coast

  • Christmas Celebration in the countryside & Northern Lights searches

  • 4 nights in Reykjavik

  • Must-see: Reykjavík, Golden Circle, Reykjanes Peninsula, Blue Lagoon

  • New Year's Dinner with a Bonfire Tour and a Fireworks Cruise in Reykjavik

Anna Fishman is the owner of Olegana Travel Boutique and plans incredible, unique and authentic luxury experiences around the world for couples and families based on her first-hand experience of traveling through 25 countries and visiting over 200 luxury hotels and resorts all over the world.  Anna promises you a stress-free travel planning process with an easy to follow itinerary that will save you a lot of time and energy so you can relax and escape to your own paradise where you will feel at ease that every detail has been thought out and taken care of exclusively for you. Olegana Travel Boutique is a five-stars rated travel agency, a member of Travel Leaders Network, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Association, Adventure Travel Trade Association and is featured on The Knot and NJMom.

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