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Caring for Your Pet + Working From Home? Throw Yourself a Bone! By Wag4Tails

Caring for Your Pet + Working From Home? Throw Yourself a Bone! By Wag4Tails, Bergen County Moms

During the events of this past year, many of us have experienced some significant changes to our daily lives, including a shift to working from home and/or the addition of furry family members. The timing for adding a pet into the mix was quite perfect for most considering we are more available for them throughout the day. It’s been wonderful to see so many households finally gaining the opportunity to make their dreams of owning a pet come to fruition! Or, perhaps you were already a pet owner and working from home is the major change to your life. Our four-legged companions bring so much joy to our lives, but it’s no surprise that they are also big responsibilities worthy of our love, time and energy. However, even when we are working from home, it’s not always easy to provide all of these things to our pets all of the time when our jobs and other obligations also demand so much from us. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your recent life changes, you’re not alone. Working from home doesn’t always equal “easier” for everyone. Here are some tips to keep both you and your pet happy while you’re working remotely and caring for your furry friends.

  • Do your best to stick to a routine. Just like most humans, dogs are creatures of habit and enjoy being on a schedule. Knowing what to expect and when to expect it reduces their stress levels.

  • Get outside as often as possible and bond. Not only do dogs require potty breaks, going for a walk also provides them with physical exercise, mental stimulation, opportunities for behavioral training and chances for socialization. If you’re unable to take them for walks during the day, enlist the help of a family member, neighbor or dog walker to help get your pup’s energy out during the day.

  • Throw yourself a bone and ask for help! Being responsible for your furry friend is quite the treat, but it’s ok to call for assistance when it’s adding undo stress to your days. If you’re unable to stick to a routine or if you can’t provide adequate care for your pet due to the demands of your job and/or other obligations, a professional dog walker can ease your worries.

  • Take a break from it all. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered … but not all getaway spots are pet friendly. Plan a vacation and book a pet sitter early so you can have peace of mind and truly enjoy your well-deserved downtime.

This has been quite an eventful and stressful year for us all. You’ve been giving so much love and attention to everyone around you, including your pets; make sure you’re giving yourself a break, too. A moment to yourself may come in the form of reaching out for assistance with your pet. Know that we’re here for you if the need arises and we look forward to caring for your furry friends … it’s what we do best.

Wag 4 Tails is a woman-owned dog walking and pet sitting service, proudly serving their home of Ridgewood Village and the surrounding area for the past 15 years! Glen Rock, Fair Lawn, Ho Ho Kus, Midland Park, Waldwick, Wyckoff, Hawthorne and Washington Township. Most Wag walkers are moms and members of our community, delighted to help care for your beloved pets. They care for your pets as they were their own, and the reliable service offered gives you peace of mind when you can’t be with them. Wag 4 Tails LLC is insured and bonded. Whether you're looking for regular service, leaving for vacation, or simply have a one-time situation, Wag 4 Tails is here to help!

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