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5 Ways That Our Homes Can Provide The Keys To Refreshing Our Lives

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Whether hunting for a new house this spring/summer or fixing up the one you already own, our connections to the rooms that we live in are profound. Here is a fresh twist on those four walls that surround us. We don’t call it “home” for nothing!

1. We all need a place to “just be ourselves.” The relationship between a homeowner and their house is emotional and spiritual. There needs to be a right “fit” for both to co-exist comfortably. Both the house and the owner have “personalities” that define them. Marrying the two creates the most meaningful relationship because this is the venue in which much of life happens. Our homes are a possession like no other because they are an extension of who we are and yet are also the place we are most ourselves. “At home” we are our most transparent. Applying some of this same truth and transparency to our own personal lives and relationships propels us toward celebrating who we really are. Our homes are also the place where we rest, and pause, and re-group from the outside world.

2. When we can see it, it is possible for us to believe it. Visualization is an important tool to use when purchasing and owning a new home. Cosmetically, a property may not be to our liking. Our first impressions may be superficial. If we can envision different colors, flooring, cabinets, or window treatments we begin to see how we can take a house and make it into a home. Committing to the process of change and not just an end result allows us to take the steps necessary toward achieving our goals. If you need a new kitchen or if you want to change your profession…you first must first see yourself in that kitchen or in that new job!

3. Energy enters a room before we do! What is the current vibe in the rooms of your house? Are the rooms calling to you? If this is a new home, can you envision yourself sitting at the dining room table, with family around the Christmas tree, or with your kids in the playroom or outside? Like every member of your family, every room of your house has its own unique energy and aura. Your day will be impacted by this unseen energy. Is your bedroom a sanctuary and is it calming? Is your great room or living room uplifting? There is an interaction between the rooms of your home and your own personal satisfaction.

4. Legacy is born at home. The memories we create, the moments we cherish, and the decisions we ponder at night all take flight within the boundaries of our homes. Our homes know our inner most secrets, our most outward advances, and everything in-between! While are homes don’t define us, they do mirror us in many respects. Are we content to live with rooms that need a re-model or are we focused on the latest gadgets and appliances, the trendiest colors and the nicest furniture? It does not take a large budget to create a beautiful space nor economic certainty to manifest happiness. What legacy does take is a bit of creativity. It takes an understanding of personal growth and the ability to see success even in the smallest of spaces in our everyday lives.

5. We need to check our fears at the front door so that we can turn the key and open it! Change is good! Owning a home requires work and commitment and a willingness to play with the unknown. Wrapped up in the unknown are possibility, opportunity, creativity and renewal. Leave your fears at the door. Let chance and change into your life. Share the space; don’t let fear overrun your décor and your decisions. Turn the key. What’s next?

Randi Levin CPC, founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching

Randi Levin CPC, founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching– is a certified transitional life strategist, author, inspirational speaker, and reinvention expert. She holds a BS Degree in Journalism from The University of Maryland and a professional coaching certification from The Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. She believes that we have the choice and the power to create our own legacy each and every day. Randi utilizes her Signature GPS Coaching System as a catalyst for her clients to clarify and refresh their journeys, giving them support and permission to pivot, to change, and to ask, “What’s next?” Randi is a contributor and featured expert for Huffington Post, Thrive Global, DivorceForce, The Three Tomatoes, Women for One and a variety of national publications and podcasts. Randi is the creator of Recoloring Life Workshops as featured in The Wall Street Journal. She is also a co-author in the best selling anthology series Get Results! – A toolbox for change and transition.

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