When Men Need Counseling by Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D.

The Lukin Center specializes in Men's Issues as they relate to all aspects of psychological struggles across the lifespan. Unfortunately, for various reasons, men are less likely than women to seek professional therapy, even though it can be very helpful in treating issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, addiction, and dealing with loss. Regardless of the issues with which our patients are struggling, psychologists at the Lukin Center take a customized approach with each patient.


Anger is a natural human emotion. Learning how to productively manage one's anger is vital to maintaining positive and healthy relationships. Developing anger management skills is beneficial to an individual's overall quality of life. Life inherently involves many sources of anger; we therefore work closely with our patients to identify these sources and then determine the best treatment methods for that unique person.

DEPRESSION Although there are no clear differences between genders in symptoms, course, treatment response, or functional consequences of depression, men unfortunately may be less likely to acknowledge feelings of sadness and therefore may be less likely to seek help. There are many reasons why one will struggle with depression and our approaches identify those sources in an effort to change them.

ANGER Anger is a natural human emotion. Learning how to productively manage one’s anger is vital to maintaining positive and healthy relationships. Improved anger management would also be very beneficial in improving the patient’s overall quality of life. Due to the fact that there are many sources of anger, we work very closely with our patients to identify them. Identifying sources of one’s anger is instrumental in determining the best treatment methods for that unique person.

RELATIONSHIPS There are aspects of interpersonal functioning that men and women generally approach differently, and a deeper understanding of how you function interpersonally can vastly augment your relationships. We offer the tools to help you work towards healthy relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and others. Good relationships are necessary in order to be our happiest, healthiest, most productive selves. Unfortunately, supportive, fulfilling relationships do not develop automatically at home or at work. Creating and maintaining these types of relationships require an investment of time and energy as well as social skills that can be learned.

ADDICTION Men are more likely than women to struggle with substance use, and to use substances in order to regulate emotions. Hormonal differences and societal pressures create varied patterns of abuse, and treatments differ for men and women. Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. It can be thought of as a disease or biological process leading to such behaviors. We work to identify the thoughts and emotions underlying the substance use to address the source of the use, thereby reducing the need for substances to regulate emotions, which in turn reduces the substance use itself.

LOSS/GRIEF/BEREAVEMENT Traumatic events can happen to anyone, and at the Lukin Center, we specialize in working with men to process traumatic events or losses to promote mental wellness. Understanding how difficult it can be to address these types of issues, our experience allows us to work with our patients with sensitivity and open minds. Loss, grief, and bereavement, generally the result of circumstance, are very sensitive matters and will be treated as such at the Lukin Center.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Lukin

Lukin Center Psychotherapy Offers Tele-Therapy

The Lukin Center specializes in Men's Issues as they relate to all aspects of psychological struggles across the lifespan. To help support our community, we are offering a 15% discount for new patients that are interested in getting started with tele-health to help manage feelings of anxiety and isolation during this time.

Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in Ridgewood, Hoboken, Jersey City, Englewood and Clifton. He has extensive clinical and research experience spanning individuals of all ages, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He specializes in men’s issues, couple’s counseling, and relationship problems. His therapeutic approach focuses on providing support and practical feedback to help patients effectively address personal challenges. He integrates complementary modalities and techniques to offer a personalized approach tailored to each patient. He has been trained in cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavior, schema-focused, and emotionally focused therapy, and has also been involved with research projects throughout his career, including two National Institute of Mental Health-funded studies. He is a member of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, New Jersey Psychological Association, Northeast Counties Association of Psychologists, New York State Psychological Association, The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy, The New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy, the International OCD Foundation, the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACSB) and a regular contributor to Psychology Today.

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