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Water Villain Vs Water Hero by Cindy Dittfield

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Water Villain Vs Water Hero by Cindy Dittfield, Ridgewood Moms

I’ve lived within 15 miles of where I was born, here in Passaic County, my entire life. I’ve grown accustomed to the taste and feel of my tap water, as most of us have. However, I must confess, the hard water’s been relentless in its pursuit to destroy almost anything and everything in its path. I speak of water as if it’s a villain and for my purpose today, it is.

A Little History

I left home with my suitcase in one hand and my coffee pot in the other. At the time, the coffee pot was one of my only appliances and a prized possession. While it was a small dollar investment, it was a devastating day when it stopped working. At the time I had no idea why.

Between then and now I cannot even count the number of small appliances that I’ve had to replace. The coffee pot problem has become a symbol of the smaller then larger investments I’ve made throughout my adult life that eventually have been destroyed by something as simple as my water.

Fast forward through the years, and like most of us, I’ve made significant investments in my home and its amenities. Sadly, this resounding problem has reared its ugly head in most of my appliances, stone tops, clothing and unfortunately, in some ways, my health.

The Villain

Through my investigation and research, I’ve become more and more attentive to each appliance. I’ve come to understand its connection at the water line, the sounds it makes (or isn’t supposed to make) and how long the lifespan of these appliances may be versus how long they should be. I’ve also come to realize and understand the costs involved which range from $39.95 for a simple steam iron to over $1000 for a new washing machine. These costs don’t include any doctor bills for dry skin ailments, replacing my clothing, or the staggering amount of money I’m paying my hairdresser for conditioning treatments.

The attacker is each of these scenarios is what I like to call the ‘water villain’. Defined, the water villain is sediment caused from a build up of magnesium and calcium from the hard water.

If you live in the area, you’ve seen evidence of the water villain on the surfaces and areas in your home that regularly come in contact with water. Specific exhibits include dry, white patches on your countertops near the faucets, whitish-green deposits on the pipe connections in your basement and on your clothing. Have you noticed your favorite black top is now gray?

Fortunately, there is a hero that can actually destroy this villain. No, it’s not a superhero with a cape. It’s simply a water softener.

Send Out The Signal!

While I don’t have a signal beam on my roof, I know that there is actually a way to ward off this awful culprit. If you live in northern New Jersey, the ONLY antidote to hard water sediment is a water softening system. Bar-none. One may think there are other products or alternatives to ward off the evil of hard water, but when dealing with something this destructive, the only hero ready to take on this awful offender is a professionally installed system.

Remember, not only does hard water affect your small and large mechanical items; it is also affecting the softer side of things in your home as well - those being your lovely wardrobe and your physicality.

Today we are certainly not the damsels in distress we were 30 years ago. We need to do our part by fighting back to save our most precious assets whether they be our homes, our goods or our families. But if there is evil in our midst we need to invite a true hero with a viable solution to help us stop this home offender in its tracks!

~ Cindy Dittfield, writer for Passaic Bergen Water Softening


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