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Tips to Get You Through Growing Your Hair Out by Liza Fonti

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Tips to Get You Through Growing Your Hair Out by Liza Fonti, Bergen County Moms

A few months ago, I chopped 10 inches of my hair off. I loved my long hair and then suddenly got sick of it … right around the time a stranger told me at the mall that my hair looked like Ann Coulter’s. I Google’d and immediately made an appointment for a cut.

After it was gone, I felt so much lighter; another major bonus was that I was able to mail it all off to Locks of Love. However, in true “me” fashion, I’ve played the short game for a few months now, so it’s time to grow my hair back out a bit - one of my least favorite things to do. Please note: I’m an Aries – I have no patience. There’s something about this “in-between” phase that pains me.

During some recent highlights, Laura Petruccelli (the owner of Lora Celli Salon in Ridgewood) gave me some tips to help make the growing out process a little easier.

1. Beware the Cheap Blowout. Blowout bars are all the rage, but Laura is noticing a disturbing trend: many women that come in to see her aren’t shampooing for days – even up to a week – between their blowouts. Somehow, washing your hair has gotten a bad rap, but not shampooing can lead to a fungus (yes, FUNGUS) on your scalp, which causes your head to stink and even can lead to your hair falling out. A good shampoo is your friend.

2. Make the Time for Treatments. Everyone seems to be in a rush nowadays, but it’s worth taking the time here and there to get a special treatment at your salon, like Lora Celli’s Rescue & Renew ($30) to cleanse the scalp and hair and stimulate growth.

3. Invest in Your Hair Care. Steer clear of “cheap” hair products; it’s worth spending money on products that will give your hair what it lacks. If you’re growing your hair out, purchase a shampoo with zinc, which promotes growth. Laura’s favorite shampoo for this is Redken’s Scalp Relief. A good leave in conditioner, like Lora Celli’s Everyday Miracle Treatment, adds shine and helps smooth the cuticles so you don’t pull the hair. (Both products can be purchased at her salon.)

4. Brush it Like Brady. Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! Remember how the Brady girls used to brush their hair every night in bed? It was for good reason: brushing distributes oil to the ends of the hair and moisturizes, coating the hair and making it soft and supple.

5. Shampoo and Condition the Right Way. Before shampooing, get your hair good and wet, separating the hair if it’s dirty. When shampooing, massage and lather up at the scalp and let the water take the shampoo to the rest of your hair. When conditioning, do the opposite: start mid-shaft and work your way up.

6. Trim it to Grow it. Whether we want to believe it or not, trimming your hair actually stimulates growth. According to Laura, regular dusting trims every 8 weeks will also help your hair grow into a shape so you don’t lose patience and cut it off.

7. Arm Yourself for This Mission With the Right Tools. In addition to investing in the right products for your hair, you’ll need the right tools, too. Keep a pick or wide-tooth comb in the shower to comb conditioner through, and always have a nylon bristle brush handy. (Laura’s favorite all-purpose brush is the Denman Brush.)

Here’s hoping these tips make the growing out process a little easier for everyone along on this journey with me!

Follow me on Instagram @stylishmama, where growth is one of my favorite things to talk about!

P.S. Feel free to mention me during your first visit at Lora Celli and enjoy 25% off any service!

Liza Fonti, Owner of the lifestyle blog, Stylish Mama, offers women's fashion and beauty finds while sprinkling in some inspirational advice. Her personal motto is: "If you’re fortunate enough to know or acquire something good, spread the love”, Liza also manages social media and content creation for blogs, articles, websites, social media accounts and more through her other venture, Highlight Content

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