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The Christmas Invitation by Kate Kasch

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

The Christmas Invitation by Kate Kasch, Bergen County Moms

When Ella Martinez finds an exclusive invitation to a lavish Christmas party, she has no idea how that invitation will change her life forever.

With her days full of college classes and work at a bookstore, and her nights spent cleaning offices, Ella is ready to leave that life behind . . .if only for one night. She dazzles at the party, where she and the party host, the dashing Wyatt Dawson, share a magical night together.

Caught between her feelings for Wyatt and her fear of rejection if he discovers her identity, Ella disappears from the party without saying good-bye. However, with Wyatt consuming her thoughts, she finds it hard to concentrate on her exams, and her whole life begins to fall apart around her.

Can the magic of the holiday season inspire Wyatt and Ella to forget their pasts and open their hearts to one another, or are they both destined to spend another Christmas alone?

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Kate Kasch is a displaced New Englander living in northern New Jersey with her (amazing) husband and four non-stop children. 

In order to stay sane, she writes and runs.

She is the author of the Verity Townsend mystery series, which includes Jane Street and The Dakota, and two holiday romances, Restoring Christmas and The Christmas Invitation.

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